Customer Management – Prescriptions Management

Register an unlimited number of prescriptions for each customer, thereby controlling the freequency of their visits, their history, their turnover, their measurements and the state of their vision. You can search very easily the analysis of costs and discounts for whatever prescription you choose.
Status Orama contains the price lists of retail and wholesale of all modern trading and manufacturing companies of ocular lenses. In Status Orama you receive automatic updates of the price lists in your system.
So when you enter the diopters of a customer’s prescription and after selecting the quality of the lenses (organic, crystal) and the refractive index (1.5, 1.6), all possible lenses from the lists of all manufacturers will appear.
You can create from the prescription, with the press of a button, the ocular lenses and contact lenses, for your customer’s order, as codes in the storage.
This way you can receive invoices related to ocular lenses and contact lenses, comparing this way the suppliers’ prices without requiring entry codes.

  • You can print of the Order’s Folder with the customer data, the prescription and the economic data (value, discount, advance, balance)
  • You can search customers by criteria you specify and send SMS through the list of the search results.
  • You can reward your best customers.
  • You can check out your customer’s balance.

Customers Management

Step 1: Enter basic customer data

In the customer’s management for the accuracy of his personal data we register as many fields as possible. So thatour future searches will have improved performance.
A very important field to be filled is the customer’s mobile, for the use of the SMSs.


Prescription Registration

Step 2: Enter customer prescription (diopters)

We copy the diopters in their respective fields and make the appropriate notes where it is necessary. We are given the opportunity to choose between Far – Medium – Near – Multifocal – Contact Lenses. Each of these options has the necessary fields. Eg. In multifocal prescription a basic field is the add.


Contact lenses selection

Step 3: Select ocular lenses and frames from the Status Orama proposals

At a glance you can see all the prices and the qualities of the lens that you can use for this customer prescription. Easily we can select only “organic” or only a specific manufacturer or we can even exclude lens of manufacturers that do not collaborate. Moreover, for each lens you can see the additional values that are offered by the manufacturer. The updates for prices and lenses are made automatically through the Internet.


“A multi-tool for Customer Management in the hands of each optical”