My Status Orama

Status Orama offers you the ability to save your settings.
So every time it recognizes you it “behaves” as you have specified.
The administrator of Status Orama has the advantages to set permissions of access to all the users of the application.
So, there are groups of users who manage only the client base or part of it and retail sales where others monitor Storage and Purchases.

Hearing aids

Status Orama holds the most complete and well structured solution for your customers’ hearing aids (Audiogram, acoustic characteristics, etc.).

Connection to Opsys

Automatic data transfer (customer information and prescriptions) from tracer and the application of VAIRAMOGLOU company in Status Orama.

Financial Οperations

Complete Monitoring of the banking system through which you can manage the securities, that are associated with Customers – Suppliers.
Credit Card Commissions, transactions prints and statistics per Bank and per Credit Card.
Fund Analysis for a period set by the user, including transactions involving accounts to third parties, such as salaries, rent, equipment, etc.
Management of salesmen and their commissions. Statistics of salesmen with criteria set by the user.
Voucher calculations per social security fund and periodical reports to cash them.


Each user can create their own reminders and define the users that will be informed about them.
Reminders can connect with customers or suppliers, and to inform the user of events like:

  • When is the expiration date of a customer’s contact lenses
  • When a security for Supplier must be paid, etc.