Statistics – Status Orama


Complete monitoring of the retail circuit from the time of the order until the delivery.
Status Orama offers you automatic creation of the sales voucher from the Customer prescription tab.
Depending on the needs of each store, Status Orama can monitor the progress of the order until the final delivery to the Customer and its transformation into a sales receipt.
For each sales’ voucher, Status Orama, supports multiple payment methods (Cash, Credit Card etc).

Sales Statistics with criteria set by the user, such as time period, category type, brand name, model, color etc.


Massive and selective transformation of several vouchers in one concentrative (many consignments notes of the supplier in one invoice).
The purchase invoice can be paid in whole or in part, related to payments of cash, checks, bills and more.
Monitoring of the remaining orders to suppliers and check of the final pricing.
Analytical supplier tab, with economic transactions and balance.


Status Orama offers you complete control over the circuit of Purchases and Suppliers.
Monitoring of the balance, outstanding bills and analytical Supplier tab.
Suppliers turnover and percentage held by each supplier in annual purchases and in the current goods of the business.
Comparison in quantities and in percentage of the profitability by manufacturer, brand name and category type.

Orders to Suppliers

Ability to monitor and manage orders to suppliers. Possibility of connection between the orders to suppliers and the orders of the customers (related vouchers).

Pending purchase orders

Ability to monitor the pending orders per supplier, as well as the non-executed or partially executed orders.